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Club Rules

  • Have fun and keep smiling no matter what goes wrong
  • Everyone must be insured and a paid up member of the club if competing
  • Whilst mounted everyone must wear a riding hat that meets current standards
  • Please come suitably mounted
  • Tack needs to be safe and correctly fitted
  • To be a lead rein leader you have to be 16 years or above (no changes in the middle of a class) and no cantering (i f possible )
  • All competitors need to support and encourage their fellow competitors
  • The Club and Committee cannot be held responsible for the safety of anyone whilst on the field
  • The Committee endeavours to do their best but are only volunteering amateurs who also need help and guidance!!

So please come along and have fun help out where possible, encourage other members and don't be afraid to get involved.

Guidance for Show Jumping

The committee have decided that penalties will apply as follows:

  • A knock down - 4 faults
  • First refusal - 4 faults
  • Second refusal is 8 faults (12 faults combined)
  • Third refusal is elimination

(You may continue but if struggling to jump anything help may be given)

Crossing your tracks is a technical fault but as we are trying to encourage members this will be left to the discretion of the judge and you may ask for an explanation if penalised.

Elimination results from :

  • Falling off but you may continue if you feel well enough to do so
  • Starting before the bell
  • Failing to go through the start or the finish
  • Leaving the arena

Please remember that outside assistance should also result in elimination we want to encourage members but do not want to encourage any cheating and this will be left to the judge on the day to decide what action should be taken.